Hone your photographic skills throughout the world! Daniel’s award-winning photo tours maximize your travel experience by furthering your artistic and technical prowess while visiting the world’s most compelling locations. His Antigua, Guatemala studio serves as a base for trips into the Mayan world!

San Francisco native with seven years in Central America, bilingual English/Spanish, artistic and technical support
Hourly, Daily, Extended tours – all ages and levels – groups or individuals


Individuals and couples $20/hour, 2 Hour minimum
$100/day (up to 8 hours)
Groups (3 or more) $25/hour, 2 hour minimum
$200/day (up to 8 hours)
Additional Charges Meals, transportation, and accommodations for both parties (Daniel and client) are the responsibility of the client throughout the tour, paid directly to the provider. There is no mark-up imposed.
Bike rental $4/hour
Digital Projector $100/day



Disclaimer: All services and transportation are utilized at client’s sole risk. Client is solely responsible for any damage, loss, injury, or death, and is solely liable for any repairs or replacements they necessitate. Client must carry his own insurance for items, injury, or death they wish covered. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Daniel Gohstand, Daniel Gohstand Photography, and from any and all loss, injury, or death.