I continue to create in Nicaragua, returning to the United States periodically on assignment. Every day here brings new experiences and challenges. Part of my time is spent in larger cities, part in the pueblas, and part in the countryside. The balance keeps me energized, and striving for my Best Life. Please view the Nicaragua Galleries here.

My recent Bang-Up Monster Photos Show (Geez That’s a Big Show) in Granada was a huge success! With the generous help the fire department, we strung a 30-foot fabric screen between the two tallest palms in Central Park. Though Mother Nature challenged us, the projection show went on in beautiful style, sharing my compositions with the town and international visitors of the Poetry Festival. These huge photo exhibitions will continue to grow, as I make my rounds through the pueblas, projector in hand, sharing the wonderful energy of the compositions created there with those who were kind enough to be part of them.

I hope you’ll enjoy these milestone images from the last years in Central America. The people are wonderfully open, so the moments are some of the richest of my career; I’m ecstatic to share them with you! Take time to share in my continuing journeys.

Remember that all images are available for easy online purchase and download, as printed artwork, and as stock imagery for your publications.

All my best to everyone back home, and to all those that appreciate and support the world of art.

With best wishes,