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Visions Guatemala

Visions Guatemala People

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Visions Nicaragua

Visions Nicaragua

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It’s been years since Daniel plunged into Nicaragua – a land known by few, but inspiringly portrayed through his emotional eye. The universality of deep engagement inspires the viewer to embrace, stripping away barriers- uniting. Introducte your culture to another, though common emotional experience communicated by Daniel’s unique vision.

The power of Daniel’s imagery is renowned- celebrate it!


Pride Parade 2011

Click here to feel the energy, passion, and of course, zaniness, of San Francisco’s 2011 Pride Parade! Purchase prints or files with our easy, secure shopping cart! No membership necessary. Celebrate by supporting a San Franciscan artist!



Daniel’s moving account of the Cuaresma and Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions in Antigua, Guatemala, and highlights from throughout this fascinating country. View Daniel’s use of natural street light, incense smoke, and backlighting to add to the mood of these ceremonies.

Married with Children Book

What better captures the poetry and promise of a wedding than the innocence of the children who attend it?


Daniel Gohstand is proud to offer Married with Children, a touching collection of children’s images from his last ten years of Documentary Weddings. Ideally suited to the gift, wedding, art and children’s book markets, the photographs are visually and emotionally compelling as well as highly marketable.

View the images for Married with Children here then contact Daniel to discuss this wonderful publishing opportunity!

Church Processions


Daniel’s moving remembrances from Nicaragua’s Church processions, which follow masses at the puebla’s Cathedral, often lasting long into the night. Notice Daniel’s utilization of the streets’ dim natural light, turning it into an interpretive asset.

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