daniel_gohstandDaniel Gohstand Photography
Preserving Beauty in a Moment
Daniel Gohstand, www.danielphoto.com, is one of America’s premier Creatives, with foci on photography, visual design, lecturing, and music. With San Francisco as his base, his internationally renowned services cover all aspects of art, design, consulting, and instruction, including photographic, architectural, interior, landscape, cinematographic, and drumming. His work is widely touted for its unique composition and emotional power.

Raised in a family of accomplished San Francisco artists, Daniel pursued his own expression as a professional drummer, photographer, and designer. A graduate of UCLA/SFSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism and Music, he’s created, exhibited, lectured, and instructed world-wide. He recently completed a two-year round-the-world journey, and has traveled, sailed, and cruised throughout the United States, Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, India, Asia, and the Middle East. His eye and unique insight into photographing diverse cultures enthralls audiences.

Daniel continues to photograph extensively abroad, having recently returned from a venture throughout Southeast Asia, and devoting part of the year to creating in Central America, where he feels human interaction inspires his vision. “Every day is new–I trust my images to communicate the inspiration I find there. It’s a dream realized to be photographing in Guatemala–the spirit, the culture… the people are lovely.”

A portion of proceeds from Gohstand’s ImageSails company (the world’s first printed sails for art and advertising) are devoted to bringing artistic and medical support to the indigenous Mayan community where he creates much of the year.

Daniel first encountered Guatemala’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations while traveling throughout Central America in 2006. “It was one of the great experiences of my life,” says Daniel, “not only the photography, but the people- the faith exhibited on such a grand scale- it had a profound impact on me spiritually. I pride myself on communicating what people feel–the emotional presence in interactions around the world, and this was a glorious opportunity to do so. I’ve now photographed the entire process of Cuaresma (Lent) and Semana Santa, and am exhibiting those poignant moments with which it has blessed me on a grand public scale on my Ginormotron screen!”

Much of Daniel’s captured moments find themselves on the streets of the world, where his vision is most at home. “The feeling of sharing something both universal and imperceptible with others–being in constant motion–communicating another’s depths… that is my precise passion,” says Daniel as he reflects on his craft. Wherever the subject, Daniel embraces the sensitivity of vision that guides him.

Exhibitions and Services
Daniel’s intuition and integrity have earned the respect of galleries and private collectors internationally. His eye has garnered international acclaim. Daniel’s services cover all aspects of Visual Design, Consulting and Lecturing, including architectural, interior, landscape, cinematographic, and naturally, photographic. Purchase and download images from Daniel’s unique collection at www.danielphoto.com! With a simple credit card purchase, receive stunning limited-edition prints, or instantly download stock images for your publication or website. Browse, or search by keyword. You may also contact Daniel’s studio purchase images, or arrange an exhibition or personal showing.
ImageSails® Entrepreneur: Inventor, Founder, CEO, Creative Director
Searching for a new canvas, Daniel invented and Founded ImageSails, the world’s first high-resolution printed sails for art and advertising. He was granted four US and international Patents for this unique creation, delivering advertising and yacht customization via photographic sails for sailboats and other wind-powered vessels. Part of proceeds aid Doctors for Santa María de Jesús, supporting an indigenous Mayan community in Guatemala.

Documentary Weddings
Named San Francisco’s Best Wedding Photographer in SF Weekly’s Best of 2002, Daniel pioneered a quiet documentary style that celebrates the beauty and grace of a day without intrusion. His work had a permanent impact on the industry, inspiring countless others to follow his creative philosophy.

“I began Documentary Weddings to challenge what wedding photography had become,” says Daniel. “I knew real memories could instead be deeply and purely recorded.”

Daniel’s unique passion continues to lead the genre he helped establish.


Daniel’s work may be viewed and purchased on his website, WWW.DANIELPHOTO.COM